Score! Pop Up Swap

It's a party. It's a fundraiser. It's a department store where everything is free.


How does it work?

Bring your old stuff, pay an entrance fee, and leave with whatever you like. Pretty simple. DJs, drinks, food trucks, screen printing, style partners, and good times. Proceeds from ticket sales go to local non-profits.

Tell me more.

The first Score! Pop-Up Swap took place in Brooklyn in 2009 with over 1,600 attendees. In 2012, we extended Score! to the west coast. Here's the backstory...

No two Score! events are alike. Some take place in music venues, warehouses, parks, galleries, festivals, and storefronts. Some have a theme: Music Score!Score! For Kids, or “stuff my ex left over at my apartment” Score!. But they all achieve the same goal: reducing waste through partying. 

How can I get involved?

We're always looking for volunteers, sponsors and partners. 

Be in touch.

community partners

Proceeds from these events go to organizations doing incredible work. Learn more about Score! non-profit partners here. 

style partners

Meet our style partners! This party is not just about sharing resources and having a good time, it's about celebrating the people that make our communities great. Come swap with them.