Jenny Gottstein


By day, Jenny is a Game Producer for The Go Game - producing a citywide food truck scavenger hunts, creating a roadtrip game to benefit national parks, or spearheading zombie-themed disaster preparedness games. By night, she is scheming ways to reduce waste through partying. 

Prior to working for The Go Game, Jenny produced music and art events in NYC -warehouse parties, midnight sailboat disco cruises, festivals, pop-up dance parties in dim sum restaurants.

She also sang on a Lady GaGa acid trance spoof track that was briefly popular in Ukraine, and loves Herb Caen.

Michelle Honchariw 


Michelle is a theater nerd, who began her career acting and singing in regional and international productions. 

In 2009, she joined The Go Game as a Game Producer, and traveled the globe designing and producing large-scale real-life games for Fortune 500 clients. She was then promoted to Managing Director of The Go Game, where she currently manages operations, people and culture. 

In September 2014, Michelle will become a Class of 2016 MBA Candidate at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

Michelle is married to her favorite guy on the planet, and loves Sriracha sauce.


Michelle (L) and Jenny (R) at the Score! San Francisco Launch. 

Michelle (L) and Jenny (R) at the Score! San Francisco Launch.