The Community

Score! is the collective output of brilliant individuals across the country: From our DJs / music directors Chris Haslam & Ian Urgo, our graphic designers Lexi Tsien-ShiangSam Dakota Miller, our amazing volunteer coordinators, our sponsors, our community partners & our style partners.   

But none of this would have been possible without the vision and guidance of Connie Carmona, Amy Butterworth, Leslie Hermelin, & Michelle Honchariw. It takes a village to raise a swap.

THE Founder

By day, Jenny Gottstein is the Director of Games & Innovation for The Go Game - producing a citywide food truck scavenger hunts, creating a national game to benefit national parks, or spearheading zombie-themed disaster preparedness games. By night, she is scheming ways to reduce waste through partying. 

Prior to working for The Go Game, Jenny produced music and art events in NYC -warehouse parties, midnight sailboat disco cruises, festivals, pop-up dance parties in dim sum restaurants.

She also sang on a Lady GaGa acid trance spoof track that was briefly popular in Ukraine, and loves Herb Caen.